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war and peace
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war and peace

___  abolish the UN or give it teeth

___  apes with nuclear weapons

___  Boycott investments in Russia

___  Boycott shoddy imports from China


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___  Racism, religion, war, our ape heritage

___  Edward Snowden for president

___  NOT made in China

bumper stickers

___  Dump Saudi Arabia, buy oil from Iran, AND MAKE PEACE

___  Free trade with Cuba, it's good business

___  It's One World Or No World

___  Make Globalization Great Again


___  Respect Tibet, and no MSG

___  OPEN BORDERS for terrorists

___  scratch a human, find an ape


___  Peace in the Middleeast, just kidding

___  Peace thru globalization

___  Planet Earth needs a cop, the UN

___  Think globally, act globally


___  Speak lies to power, speak truth to the powerless

___  Reparations for slavery

___  If we outlaw pressure cookers, only outlaws' girlfriends will accidentally blow themselves up in the kitchen when they are cooking up that meth


___  visualize world peace, legalize prostitution

___  Wanna fight Islam? Educate women

___  War crimes MY ASS, the real crime is war itself, STOP WAR

___  Who really did it (9-11-2001)?


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