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 Banksters, too big to jail?  
 Boycott investments in Russia  
 Bring Henry to trial  
 Burn Korans AND Bibles  
 Crooked Donald  
 Criminal drug cartels love a porous border  
 Doctor Laura is a biological error  
 Edward Snowden For President  
 Follow close for fresh carcinogens  
 From the people who brought you Pearl Harbor...  
 Got WikiLeaks?  
 License parents, not dogs  
 No banker left behind  
 Nut Control, Not Gun Control  
 Obama or a haircut  
 Peace in the Middle East--JUST KIDDING  
 Planet Earth needs a cop  
 Put the WTO under UN control  
 T is for temper, as in temper tantrum, as in spoilt little rich kid  
 Think globally, ACT GLOBALLY  
 Until there's a cure, mandatory testing for AIDS  

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