Overpopulation bumper stickers

___  License parents, not dogs

___  Conservation promotes acceptance of overpopulation

___  reproductive freedom brings overpopulation

___  Mandatory control of overpopulation

___  families are the ultimate GROSS POLLUTERS


___  Overpopulation brought to you by voluntary reproductive restraint

___  Stop child abuse, license parents

___  congestion by sustainable development

___  Be productive, dont reproduce

___  Stop littering, spay your humans


___  There is no water shortage, there is a parent overage

___  Restrict births, not water

___  Desalination encourages OVERPOPULATION

___  If it's so HARD ON you parents, put a condom on it

___  Life was simpler when there was only 4 billion of us, Get ready for 8 billion


___  Resource scarcity is code for overpopulation

___  Overpopulation brings immigration chaos

___  Adolf Hitler gave eugenics a bad name


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