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bumper sticker says Want a balanced budget? End homeowner subsidies.

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EDITORIAL: Billions In Subsidies Paid For By Renters

As a society, we are trillions of dollars in debt. Supposedly there is "no extra money" for needed services such as education and police and fire departments. So where did the money go?

There is (or was...) plenty of money, but it went to enrich homeowners at the expense of renters. Over the decades, homeowners exempted themselves from billions in taxes by shifting those taxes onto renters. Homeowners write the tax code because homeowners have majority political control of government, hence a Federal debt of trillions of dollars.

Most renters have no idea how badly they are being screwed by homeowners. And homeowners have endless rationalizations to excuse their exploitation of renters' ignorance.

BUMPERHUMPER:  Homeownership IS subsidized welfare housing 

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