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bumper sticker says carpool lanes increase congestion and reward cheaters

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EDITORIAL: Another Bad Idea From Government Bureaucrats

Carpool lanes are dangerous. Also called "diamond lanes" or "HOV lanes" (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes), they increase the hazard of driving for everyone.

First, a carpool driver is distracted by other people in the vehicle. Second, in a crash, more people will be injured or die. Third, the increased weight of a carpool vehicle magnifies its destructive power when it crashes into your vehicle.

Reserving special highway lanes for carpooling increases congestion in other lanes, making those other lanes more hazardous. And carpool lanes reward cheaters who use them anyway.

Carpooling doesn't save the environment. Instead, carpooling distracts the public from the ultimate cause of environmental destruction: overpopulation.

BUMPERHUMPER:  Road Hazard: Apes In Cars 

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