Boycott investments in Russia

sticker says ‘Boycott investments in Russia’


Attach to your bumper by using double-stick tape on the backside. Or you can use a spray adhesive--but spray adhesive is more difficult to remove later.

To protect the front side against the weather, you can use clear packing tape on top.

Relevant links:

Transparency International's rating of the business and corruption climate of Russia

Corruption in Russia

Putin's wealthy friends

Death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky

The assassination of Anna Politkovskaya

56 Journalists Killed in Russia since 1992


This sticker isn't about separatists in eastern Ukraine or Russian takeover of Crimea. Russia has arguably legitimate historical claims to eastern Ukraine and Crimea. We forget some Ukrainians fought on the side of Nazi Germany in WWII. We forget Russia lost tens of millions dead in WWII.

This sticker is because Vladimir Putin is a thug. But our stupid policies have made him look like a hero in the eyes of the Russian people.

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