sticker says ‘Banksters’and a smaller line below asks ‘Too big to jail?’

Banksters, too big to jail?

Attach to your bumper by using double-stick tape on the backside. Or you can use a spray adhesive--but spray adhesive is more difficult to remove later.

To protect the front side against the weather, you can use clear packing tape on top.

External Links:

Large banks avoid sanctions by S.E.C.

The Finance Lobby.

TOO BIG TO JAIL cartoon.

Guide to the Bailout acronyms and programs.

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"It is worse than a lie. [Treasury Secretary] Geithner has appropriated the language of his critics and of the forthright to support dishonesty. That is what's so appalling--numbering himself among those who convey tough medicine when he is really pandering to the interests of a select group of banks who are on a first-name basis with Washington politicians."

William Black, a deputy director at the former Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation during the thrift crisis of the 1980s, interviewed in Barron's, April 13, 2009